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GCSE Revision Menus for AIC, Macbeth, ACC, Eduqas Anthology published 139
Damnation and Redemption in ACC: Lecture ppt MLY published 232
A Christmas Carol SOW - 26 lessons published 556
ACC Attitudes Towards Poverty Example Paragraph published 91
Scrooge Example Paragraph - Stave 1 published 62
ACC Context Thought Square published 188
ACC 9 x AQA-style exam Qs with scaffold MLY published 170
Jekyll and Hyde published 105
GCSE Literature texts revision activity published 53
Jekyll & Hyde - Key Vocab, Themes and Context published 355
c19th Fog published 230
Jekyll and Hyde SoW published 333
A Christmas Carol Language Paper One Staves Two & Three published 205
#TheKnowledge A Christmas Carol inspired by @DoWise published 187
Sign of Four published 147
Jekyll and Hyde booklet published 245
AQA Lit P1 Sign of four sample questions published 65
AQA Lit P1 Coded Feedback published 88
Jekyll and Hyde Quote Posters published 116
AQA Lit P1 top band answer Macbeth/Sign of Four published 204
Oliver Twist knowledge organiser @lauratsabet published 82
A Christmas Carol knowledge organiser @lauratsabet published 369
ACC Extracts & Study Notes published 73
Frankenstein published 255
Thumb Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 5 in 5 published 162
50 Quiz Questions on Jekyll and Hyde published 195
Jekyll and Hyde - The Knowledge published 265
Jekyll and Hyde Context Booklet published 314
ACC Knowledge Organsier published 159
ACC Stave Five booklet published 105
ACC Stave Four booklet published 117
ACC Stave Three booklet published 131
ACC Stave Two booklet published 127
ACC Stave One booklet published 208
ACC Booklet to accompany DVD published 53
Jekyll & Hyde Quotes by Theme published 108
Great Expectations quotations published 46
Critical Perspectives 'postcards from the dead' for AIC, MACB and ACC published 285
Great Expectations in six pages published 35
A Christmas Carol 200 Word Challenges MLY published 388
A Christmas Carol Taboo Cards - Character published 231
ACC Tier 2 Vocab Starters RWW and MLY published 309
A Christmas Carol Bundle MLY published 698
Jekyll Hyde Knowledge Organiser published 281
A Christmas Carol Knowledge Organiser published 400