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Jekyll & Hyde revision grid published 144
Jekyll and Hyde Language match up published 161
Jekyll and Hyde Chapter Questions published 220
Thumb A Christmas Carol - Subject Knowledge Quiz x 4 published 128
JEKYLL & HYDE TIMELINE published 150
A Christmas Carol Flip Menu published 204
Thumb Jekyll & Hyde quotations - revision via Fortnite HAO published 87
Thumb Jekyll & Hyde plot review activity HAO published 105
Jekyll and Hyde display quotations published 133
A Christmas Carol flipped learning booklet @lauratsabet published 334
19th Century fiction anthology published 69
Jekyll & Hyde guide for independent reading / revision published 99
Critical Sentence Guidance Sheet ACC published 128
'The Sign of Four' quotation bank published 94
Jekyll and Hyde Year 11 Revision (Edexcel) published 103
Lit Paper One - Macbeth / Dickens - Example Essay Booklet published 309
'Jekyll and Hyde' revision passages published 211
'A Christmas Carol' Thinking Hard Character Mats published 408
Jekyll and Hyde published 127
The Sign of Four Dual Coded Retrieval Practice Quotations published 0
A Christmas Carol 'Big Questions' published 265
Great Expectations: detailed knowledge organiser with linked tasks published 84
Thumb Guess The Gothic Theme published 83
AQA GCSE A Christmas Carol revision cards. published 234
Great Expectations Knowledge Organiser published 62
War of the Worlds Knowledge Organiser published 26
Descriptive Writing lesson based on Stave 3 of A Christmas Carol published 261
Jekyll and Hyde published 111
Jekyll & Hyde resources published 257
A Christmas Carol Quote Revision published 210
So4 revision tasks and cards published 93
Jekyll and Hyde PLC published 120
ACC practice question character contrast published 79
ACC change and warmth extracts stave 1 and 5 published 193
Detective Fiction Knowledge Organiser published 84
ACC Narrative Structure Display Posters MLY published 200
Jekyll and Hyde structure revision sheet published 211
ACC Structure revision sheet published 96
AQA Language Paper 1 Practice Using Jekyll & Hyde published 181
ACC Home Learning Booklet published 144
Dr J revision mats published 70
Introduction to the Gothic published 212
OCR War of the Worlds Question Pack published 24
The Sign of Four - Conan Doyle - SOW - VHN published 251
A Christmas Carol published 353
Gothic Bingo published 168
Thumb Charles Dickens Museum Trips Booklet published 15
Thumb Strawberry Hill House Trips Booklet published 6
Thumb Museum of London Trips Booklet published 15
A Christmas Carol Authorial Intentionality AKR published 204