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Frankenstein Plot Gap Fill published 103
ACC character analysis lesson published 187
ACC Ghosts of Christmas relay race cards published 116
A Christmas Carol knowledge organiser published 872
Gothic Genre in A Christmas Carol published 253
A Christmas Carol Aiming Higher Pack published 641
Frankenstein Chapter Worksheets published 163
Macbeth, AIC and J&H Summer Preparation (Yr 10 to 11) published 179
3 short 19th Century Literature Comprehensions published 301
A Christmas Carol Character Sheets published 382
Jekyll and Hyde Easy Read (aimed at EAL) published 152
Thumb Jekyll & Hyde Quotes Revision Booklet published 395
J&H Masterclass published 198
Context lesson on science and religion - J&H published 134
Great Expectation lit style exam questions published 46
Sign of Four guided exam questions published 154
Jekyll&Hyde Practice papers published 145
Thumb AQA English Literature Paper 1 Jekyll & Hyde practice questions published 343
Thumb Memorising Quotations - Macbeth, AIC and ACC (@MissStone_Eng) published 350
Memory Monday quiz (x7) using R&J, ACC, AIC and Love and Relationships poems. published 131
Writing a Film Review (Using AIC and ACC) published 146
Edexcel Jekyll and Hyde Exam Questions published 85
Sign of Four Revision Guide published 129
Jekyll and Hyde - Symbols published 271
Tier 2 Vocabulary Word Wall Display - Great Expectations published 131
Thumb A Christmas Carol Essay: The Celebration of Christmas published 150
R&J Flipped Learning HL published 61
Context lesson on Victorian London - J&H published 346
Paper 1- Jekyll and Hyde opening published 215
A Christmas Carol exam-style assessments (AQA) published 350
Jekyll and Hyde - critical perspectives published 378
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Whole Text PowerPoint published 473
Jekyll & Hyde SOW (yr10) published 398
The Carew Murder Case with Language Paper 1 Questions published 76
Great Expectations Lessons/Resources published 93
Great Expectations 'Thinking Hard' Style Revision published 61
Year 10 recall and retention homework Autumn published 90
Context lesson on the Victorian gentleman - J&H published 250
How to Write a Big Idea: Dickens Essay GCSE AQA published 157
A Christmas Carol Character quotation posters published 295
Jekyll and Hyde Scheme of Work - collaborative published 339
ACC 10 x 'Explode a Quotation' resources RWW and MLY published 338
WPS Year 11 Jekyll and Hyde SOL by @robinjmarsden published 393
Victorian England Homework Project - Christmas Carol Context published 292
'A Christmas Carol' detailed knowledge organised and linked tasks published 363
Jekyll and Hyde Key Quotations Display published 260
'A Christmas Carol' AQA Analysis Grids published 436
Thumb 'A Christmas Carol' Complete GCSE SOW (AQA) (@SPryke2) published 1274
Macbeth, AIC, ACC revision sheets. published 393
ACC Thinking Hard Stave by Stave resources MLY published 348