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Jekyll and Hyde Context Pack published 14
A Christmas Carol Retrieval Practice starter slides MLY published 128
Edexcel Jekyll and Hyde published 24
A Christmas Carol - AQA Language Paper 1 style published 66
Purgatory & ACC published 47
Religious Allusion in Jekyll and Hyde / Booklet-Style Lesson / Writing Revolution published 113
A Christmas Carol Quotation Booklet published 122
A Christmas Carol: Guess Who retrieval practice quizzes HHA and MLY published 148
GCSE A Christmas Carol Homework Tasks published 52
Frankenstein - Parental Love Model Answer published 21
Frankenstein - Power of Nature Quotes/Answer published 27
ACC - Example Literature Response (Social Responsibility) published 113
Context points ACC published 105
The Red Room published 73
A Christmas Carol activites and key extracts: Stave 2 3 and 4 published 196
A Christmas Carol The Three Spirits - revision published 42
A Christmas Carol SOW - mid-low ability published 103
GCSE Quotation Quiz Sheets - AIC, Macbeth, LR Poetry, J&H published 129
A Christmas Carol themes tracker published 182
A Christmas Carol CHECKPOINT Booklet @MrsRBxx published 410
A Christmas Carol Revision Clock published 227
Guess Who - The Sign of Four Edition published 44
Sign of Four 5 a day Do Nows published 72
Great Expectations Homework Sheet published 23
Jekyll and Hyde Thinking Quilt published 194
Jekyll and Hyde SOW published 140
ACC Low Ability Work published 140
Literature revision checklist: AIC, R&J, TSOF, P&C poetry published 121
A Christmas Carol Teaching Structure published 173
The Sign of Four Quotation Posters published 49
J&H Essay Plan and Model Response published 180
ACC - Which ghost has the biggest impact on Scrooge? published 146
ACC theme relay race published 120
Essay Planning - Themes in A Christmas Carol (Redemption) published 292
A Christmas Carol genre in Stave 1 published 90
GCSE Jekyll and Hyde published 238
Wider Reading for ACC/AnimalFarm/P&C Poetry/R&J published 126
J&H - I/We/You Write Analytical Writing published 102
Thumb Revision Advent Calendar published 206
ACC -Analysing a quotation in greater detail published 197
A Christmas Carol - Year 11 Revision Workbook published 548
Sign of Four Revision Essay Plans published 131
Sign of Four Cornell Notes Templates published 64
Sign of Four Key Quotations published 66
ACC Scrooge quotes analysis published 235
Frankenstein Model Essays published 100
Monsters and Moonlight published 31
Frankenstein Imagery Ideas Boxes published 68
ACC Tier 2 Character Vocab Display Posters MLY published 228
ACC overview & key quotes on a page published 433
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