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Literature revision checklist: AIC, R&J, TSOF, P&C poetry published 1
A Christmas Carol Teaching Structure published 78
The Sign of Four Quotation Posters published 8
J&H Essay Plan and Model Response published 60
ACC - Which ghost has the biggest impact on Scrooge? published 75
ACC theme relay race published 74
Essay Planning - Themes in A Christmas Carol (Redemption) published 131
A Christmas Carol genre in Stave 1 published 41
GCSE Jekyll and Hyde published 96
Wider Reading for ACC/AnimalFarm/P&C Poetry/R&J published 58
J&H - I/We/You Write Analytical Writing published 52
Thumb Revision Advent Calendar published 190
ACC -Analysing a quotation in greater detail published 131
A Christmas Carol - Year 11 Revision Workbook published 342
Sign of Four Revision Essay Plans published 71
Sign of Four Cornell Notes Templates published 34
Sign of Four Key Quotations published 39
ACC Scrooge quotes analysis published 152
Frankenstein Model Essays published 53
Monsters and Moonlight published 30
Frankenstein Imagery Ideas Boxes published 41
ACC Tier 2 Character Vocab Display Posters MLY published 133
ACC overview & key quotes on a page published 315
Jekyll and Hyde revision cards best used as part of Leitner system published 88
Jekyll and Hyde themes for pupils to fill in (revision resource) Miss_P_English published 186
EDEXCEL ACC Essential Sections & Tasks published 78
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Chapter Log Books published 112
Assessment Objective Focus template (Using @MissDalyEnglish 's idea) published 179
Jekyll and Hyde revisited published 164
Thumb A Christmas Carol full scheme published 840
Tiny Tim Prioritise Revision: Attitudes To Poor published 112
Frankenstein Context grid published 49
Frankenstein Quote Bank published 43
Picture Frame Quote Analysis and Drawing Template published 71
Eduqas Literature knowledge organiser published 67
KS3 Oliver Twist Scheme published 90
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Scaffolded extracts published 325
A Christmas Carol Scaffolded Extracts published 756
Religion at Scrooge's Fireplace - ACC (Aiming higher) published 135
Frankenstein Knowledge Organiser and related Cloze tasks published 109
sign of four SPARK images/posters published 0
A Christmas Carol Thinking Quilt published 411
A Christmas Carol: Stave Two. Starter. published 222
Sign of Four lesson - Empire published 59
Killhope Mine Lesson / Rural Settings in 19th Century Prose published 7
A Christmas Carol viewing sheets published 250
A Christmas Carol relay race published 235
Jekyll & Hyde revision SoL - AKN published 203
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Knowledge Organiser & Vocabulary published 385
Sign of the Four Spaced Learning Booklet - MLA published 101
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