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Jekyll and Hyde Killer Quotes (@tom_briars) published 1
Language Paper 1 Section B Scheme (@tom_briars) published 4
Analysing Advertising Unit KS3 (Yr 7/8) - Visit Guernsey published 4
15 key quotations for AIC published 1
Teaching Narrative Structure & How to Evaluate using I Am Legend published 5
Macbeth Paragraph Practice (@tom_briars) published 0
Edexcel GCSE Imaginative Writing Structure Strip using 'Drop, Shift, Zoom in, Zoom out' published 4
Jekyll and Hyde Paragraph Practice (@tom_briars) published 1
Edexcel GCSE English Language Paper 1 Reading Question Checklists published 3
Macbeth Essentials on-one-page published 16
KS4 Macbeth Scheme of Work (@tom_briars) published 5
Romeo and Juliet Quotation Postcards published 3
Top Ten Topics for Macbeth Context (@tom_briars) published 12
Comparing Paired Power and Conflict Quotations (@tom_briars) published 13
Roll It Recap game - An Inspector Calls published 7
An Inspector Calls Context Revision (@tom_briars) published 9
Jekyll and Hyde Context Revision (@tom_briars) published 5
An Inspector Calls Scheme of Work (@tom_briars) published 3
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Chapter Reader published 15
GCSE AQA Language Structure Strips published 35
Frankenstein SoW KS3 published 16
Edexcel IGCSE English Language 3B style mock paper - dining @lauratsabet published 6
AQA style Paper 2 mock - dining @lauratsabet published 61
Romeo and Juliet Extract Homeworks published 60
R&J, ACC, LOTF, P&C Revision Grid published 33
Bank of editable reading and analysis resources and templates published 51
Abstract Statements for Debate published 40
Write like a literary scholar published 66
Discuss, Define, Refine: Writing Introductions published 37
Poetry Crush published 33
Bird's-eye-view: making strong statements published 35
Whole Class Feedback Poetry published 34
SOW: An Inspector Calls published 37
SOW for Jekyll and Hyde published 24
Whole Class Feedback Macbeth published 31
Sliding Scale Success Criteria published 26
SOW: Romeo and Juliet Media Scheme published 7
Timeline of English display published 27
Revision session poster published 19
Tip Top paragraphing poster and table corners published 23
Analysis technique posters published 30
Todorov's theory of narrative published 10
Twilight senses posters published 3
Critical interpretations - Lit A level posters published 17
Of Mice and Men Monopoly board (Of Mice and Menopoly) published 11
Vladimir Propp narrative posters published 6
Eduqas Poetry anthology posters published 18
Romeo and Juliet posters published 20
A Level Edexcel Hamlet Critical Theory published 16
Audience Theory posters- Media studies published 2