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Porphyria's Lover Grade 9 analysis of the ending published 10
WBD Teachers' Quiz published 18
Revision Count-up Sheets published 22
Bank of Introductions and Conclusions for Literature published 34
Lang/Lit Duffy Revision Clock published 30
English Revision Horsforth published 76
War Photographer - Carol Ann Duffy published 22
An Inspector Calls Retrieval Practice starter slides MLY published 151
Full set of Key Points Summary Sheets by @SPryke published 109
Paper 1 - Meanings and Representations (Why Study English?) published 39
Language, Power and the Courtroom A Level published 14
A Christmas Carol Retrieval Practice starter slides MLY published 113
Prose Writing Focus on different genres published 67
Knowledge Snapshots - AQA Power and Conflict Poetry (@SPryke2) published 357
Power and Conflict Analytical Gap Fill Paragraphs published 137
Appearance and Reality in Macbeth published 51
Power and Conflict series of lessons published 119
Julius Caesar knowledge organiser and homework tasks published 15
Language change 1: the how and why published 25
AQA Language Papers 1 & 2 - Anthology of Extracts published 187
Can I statements of skills for English Language (AQA) published 94
AQA Power and Conflict Find and Fix 'Ozymandias' and 'My Last Duchess' comparative activity published 103
AQA Power and Conflict comparative written examples and whole class feedback published 140
Imaginative writing using La Belle Dame sans Merci published 23
Homophones Learning Wall resource published 41
PETAL wall display published 64
Oliver Twist Lessons and Resources Chapter 1-7 published 17
Aim Higher Session about Tragedy in Macbeth published 101
Biblican Allusions in Macbeth published 50
'Vox' Language Paper 1 Q2 published 38
Edexcel Jekyll and Hyde published 23
Various Power and Conflict revision tasks Jan 19 published 112
Private Peaceful SOW year 8 published 23
Lit/Lang 5 a day (J&H/Macbeth/AIC/P&C Poetry) published 45
A Monster Calls SOL published 35
Template for Literature revision tasks published 103
Newspaper Writing Homework Tasks published 41
Hip Hop Lyrics Poetry Lesson published 74
Year 11 Revision Tasks Display published 71
Narrative writing structure strip published 116
Revision booklet - Practice exam Q's for lang, Macbeth, AIC, ACC and L&R poetry published 89
A Christmas Carol - AQA Language Paper 1 style published 64
Homework booklets 6 weeks for KS3 (Macbeth and The Tempest) published 45
500 Word Competition Writing Challenge published 86
Eduqas anthology challenge grids published 84
Five a day retrieval roulette LITERATURE published 166
Blood Brothers Context published 29
Purgatory & ACC published 45
Gerald and Eric published 73
Letters published 67