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Literature revision checklist: AIC, R&J, TSOF, P&C poetry published 1
'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett chapters overview published 0
Atonement - AQA Literature A published 0
KS4 and KS5 reading list published 10
Christmas Themed Paper 2 Q2,3 & 4 published 37
Reading Media Texts Christmas Ad published 18
Sharing The Christmas Spirit... Creating Thank You Letters. published 128
Descriptive Writing Choices published 51
Write a Letter to Santa asking for Something that cannot be Bought. published 177
Annotation Symbols for Literature published 27
Christmas 200 Word Challenges published 196
Writing Articles published 14
Non Fiction Writing KO published 22
London Child published 18
The Handmaid's Tale Full Scheme of Work for A Level published 91
8700/1 War of the Worlds published 9
AQA 8700/1 I'm The King of the Castle published 6
Alphabet Revision - Lit & Lang published 44
Macbeth: 5-a-day recall starters MLY published 37
Ibsen's 'A Doll's House' PowerPoints published 7
Teach me Tell me 'An Inspector Calls' pre-reading activity published 20
Christmas themed transactional writing HAO published 1076
A Christmas Carol Teaching Structure published 78
History Boys - The Headmaster published 4
Creating a Christmas Advert published 146
The Sign of Four Quotation Posters published 8
Hound of the Baskervilles extracts for analysis published 5
Never Let Me Go revision clock published 6
Speckled Band published 32
Texts in Context - Early Modern England published 24
AQA 'An Inspector Call's' example intro and paragraph and activity published 20
Macbeth Knowledge Snapshot published 80
Boy Y7 published 16
J&H Essay Plan and Model Response published 60
Paper 1 Section A Exemplar and student exercises published 46
GCSE English Language Paper 2 Q4 Christmas Theme published 68
My Last Duchess Instagram published 38
ACC - Which ghost has the biggest impact on Scrooge? published 75
ACC theme relay race published 74
RJ A3 Sc2 Juliet's Conflicted Emotions Scaffolded Extract Analysis A3 published 32
Guess Who - Gothic Villains published 61
The Social and Historical Context of Romeo and Juliet - Notes published 36
Revision Tools - KS4 Top Ten Revision Apps published 36
Essay Planning - Themes in A Christmas Carol (Redemption) published 131
AQA GCSE Pupil Score Tracker published 13
The Knowledge: DNA by Dennis Kelly inspired by @DoWise published 12
3 ‘Christmas’ 200 word challenges published 199
KS3 Travel Writing SOW published 55
KS3 The Great War SOW published 46
The Raven - Mimicking Gothic Language published 41